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Working in partnership to deliver programmes with the RFU and the Tag Rugby Trust

The Kent Colleges Student Sports Association (KCSSA) was established in 1995 to plug the gap in the provision of competitive sports that exists between School to Six Form, Colleges of Further Education and Universities.

The Association’s aim is to provide enrichment opportunities for students aged 16 - 25yrs to take part in competitive sport on Wednesday afternoons for all FE Colleges and 6th forms in Kent. The KCSSA has grown to include 14 colleges and School 6th forms participating at a high level of competition in 4 core sports: Football (Male & Female), Basketball, Netball and Rugby.

Each year the association provide league and cup competitions organised from October- March to encourage wider participation from young people taking part in sport. School 6th forms are encouraged to link with their local FE college where possible to form joint teams if the numbers participating are not sufficient to enter a full team.  

The Association’s aim for the future, is continuous expansion of its membership and the development of regular competition in other individual sports such as Tennis which take place during the spring term. The sporting calendar for next season will start on Wednesday 3rd October with a Kick Off participation event held at a central venue in Kent. Sport Leagues will commence from Wednesday 10th October 2018.

For further information about affiliation to the KCSSA please contact:
Steve Johnston Tel: 07980 736188 (Sports Development)
Chairman: Neil Hemstead Tel: 01622 625849 (Mid Kent College)
Vice Chair: Trevor Martingell (Tag Rugby Trust)
Secretary: James Rhodes Tel: 01732 850551 (Hadlow College
League Secretary: Sarah Pring Tel: 07904 899605 (Independant)


KCSSA Affiliation / Team entry fees 2018/19
Every participating College & School must be an affiliated member of the KCSSA to enter Leagues and Cup events.
Affiliation £200.00 per college/campus/school 6th form
League entries in each sport £50.00 per team
Cup & Tournament entries in each Sport £25.00 per team
Note: a 50% discount on the annual affiliation fee will be applied if Colleges or School 6th forms only attend 'One Off' Tournaments throughout the season.

Coach and Leadership Training Courses 2018 / 2019
The Association also organise a range of Sports Coaching and Refereeing awards each year which are available for FE Staff / Teachers and students aged 16yrs+.
See Headlines for further details of any forthcoming courses or events.






Headlines - Latest News

KCSSA Meeting
Wed 19th Dec 2018

The next meeting of the association will be held at West Kent College 1.30-3.30pm.
This will include a Christmas meal in the college Artisan Restauant between 2-3pm.
For more information please
contact: Steve Johnston
Tel: 07980 736188 or email:

KCSSA Girls Rugby Coaching & Competition
The KCSSA and Kent Rugby are currently delivering a coaching programme in FE Colleges and School 6th forms in West Kent & South East London.
There are plans to hold a festival in January 2019.
For more information see details on the Rugby page.

KCSSA Grand Prix &
League Dates 2018
The dates for the next Grand Prix events in December are as follows:
Date: Wed 5th December
Venue: Christ the King 6th form Sidcup campus.
Time: 2pm tip off
Results: Current Standings
1st Place Kinights Academy
2nd Place LSEC Bromley

Date: Wed 12th December
Venue: Aylesford Rugby Club
Time: 2pm start

Male Football League 2018
See 'Standings' on the Football Page for the current results and forthcoming fixture dates.

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