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KCSSA Executive Officers: 2020 / 2021

Vice Chairman
League Secretary

Neil Hemstead
Trevor Martingell
Steve Johnston
Sarah Pring 

Mid Kent College (Maidstone)
ECRFU Rep / Tag RugbyTrust
Independent (SJ Consultants)

These rules are not definitive and should be read in conjunction with the appropriate association rules governing the individual sports. Additional Cup and Tournament rules will also apply.
Visit each sport page (Under Documents) for the KCSSA Membership Criteria and Code of Conduct documents specifying additional rules and information for specific events.

• 1. It is the responsibility of each member college and 6th form to ensure that all their students are aged 16yrs - under 25 yrs (on 31st August) and are covered by adequate player accident insurance to participate in the sports entered.
NOTE: Rugby - All students must be under 19yrs (At midnight on 1st September each year).
• 2. It is the responsibility of each member college and 6th form to ensure they are affiliated to the appropriate association governing each individual sport, where it is deemed compulsory (e.g. Football - Kent FA).
• 3. All matches are to be supervised by an independent, qualified referee or umpire (see foot note 1).
All officials should wear appropriate clothing and have proof of qualification. Note: Under KCFA jurisdiction, Football Referees shall wear predominantly black uniforms and shall display on the chest, the official badge either approved or issued by the association.   
• 4. Team entries - All participants must be registered as students with their FE college or 6th form college / school. Students may also participate who are enrolled at a 6th form school working in a joint partnership agreement with an FE college. (No member of staff may play for a college team). Points will be deducted from teams found in breach of this regulation.
Only 1-2 Teams per College/ Campus/School will be accepted for each sport entering the Leagues.
Football Team Substitutes - May not exceed more than 4 players. These can be played on a Roll on, Roll off basis. The Referee must be informed and both team managers must be in agreement before the start of the match.
• 5. All matches are to be played on Wednesday afternoons as specified in the league fixtures. Only adverse weather conditions or a referee’s ruling may be used as a reason for postponement or cancellation (see foot note 2).
• 6. All “unplayed” matches must be rescheduled by mutual consent; otherwise no points will be awarded.
• 7. If a match is canceled for any reason other than 5 above, a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given to both the opposition and the Results Secretary. Any team proven to be in breach of this regulation will forfeit the match points. They will also be responsible for any reasonable expenses incurred by the opposition.
• 8. All match results to be recorded on the KCSSA web site or sent by email by both team managers NO LATER THAN 1pm on the Friday following the game to Sarah Pring (league administrator) EMAIL
Results can also be sent on match days via the KCSSA Whats app.
• 9. It is the responsibility of both teams to confirm forthcoming fixtures before 5pm on the Monday prior to the fixture date. It is advised that this confirmation should also be sent by email if a member of staff is unavailable by telephone.
• 10. It is the responsibility of the away team to let the host college know if they will be delayed for the agreed start time of the match. Failure to do so will result in regulation 7 being enforced. Any team arriving more than 30 minutes late may forfeit their fixture. The match will then be played as a friendly if agreed with both teams. Extenuating circumstances will be considered in agreement with both parties.
• 11. Each college is responsible for the behaviour of their students, staff and spectators when attending sports fixtures. If any of the above parties are involved in any incidents of racism, violent conduct, verbal / physical abuse both on and off court or sports pitch, they may be evicted from the league or sports event subject to an investigation of the circumstances. The time limit will be decided by the league executive. If an incident of racism or discrimination takes place, FE colleges / 6th forms are advised to read the Kent FA guidance notes on 'Reporting Discrimination' on the Kent FA web site ( under 'Governance'. A full report of the incident must be submitted to the league executive within 7 days.  
• 12. Any colleges failing to complete at least 75% of their fixtures will have all their scores null and void.
• 13. Any college that cancels three fixtures in succession, without giving the required notice, will be evicted from the league.
• 14. All students representing their college should be in possession of a current college ID card/pass. Students failing to produce a valid ID on the day of the fixture may result in the match result being null and void. This will be determined by the league executive in all disputes requiring further investigation.
• 15. Any breach of the above regulation must be notified immediately to the Secretary / League Administrator.
• 16. In the situation of two or more teams finishing equal on points at the end of the league the following will apply to determine final positions:


1. The team having the better goal difference
2. The team scoring the most goals
3. The team conceding the fewest goals
4. The aggregate result between the two teams

  1. The aggregate result between the two teams.
  1. The team with the better goal average
2. The team scoring the most goals
3. The team conceding the fewest goals
• 17. In all sports (Football, Basketball, Netball and Rugby) 3 points are awarded for a win;1 point for a draw; 0 points for defeat.
• 18. In the event of a Team conceding a league match the following score will be
recorded: (This score may be reduced for tournaments where the match time is reduced).
  30-0 Basketball
3-0 Football
30-0 Netball
30-0 Rugby

1. Where this is not possible alternative arrangements are permissible, so long as all concerned are in mutual agreement prior to the commencement of any fixture. These arrangements should be agreed before the away team start their journey.
2. Matches canceled due to adverse conditions may be rescheduled and played on any mutually agreed date if Wednesday is not an option. Both colleges must agree to this before a fixture is played and details must be sent to the league administrator.

30th September 2020

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