KCSSA AGM Meeting - Wed 1st December 2021

The next KCSSA AGM meeting will take place via Zoom on Wednesday 1st December @ 4.00pm start.
All FE colleges and 6th forms representatives are requested to attend. RSVP by email: fesportkent@gmail.com

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Rules & Result reporting for Football 11 a-side League matches 
  1. All teams should read the 11 a-side rules in the Documents page of the web site.
  2. All Colleges must ensure the results are submitted via the KCSSA web site link on the main page or emailed to fesportkent@gmail.com by 1pm on the Friday following the fixture date. Results can also be submitted via the KCSSA Whats app group.
  3. Please also notify Sarah Pring by email of the dates for matches that have been re-scheduled. All league matches should be played by Wednesday 30th March 2022. This date may be extended for outstanding games that are postponed due to inclement weather. If a match cannot be rescheduled, no points will be awarded and the game will be recorded as null and void.
  4. Alternatively, double headers can be played between colleges that have not played all their fixtures by the specified date and are unable to re-arrange their outstanding games.
  5. Outstanding fixtures can be re-arranged on any other day of the week if both colleges agree beforehand. If agreed this will be accepted as an official league match.
  6. KCSSA Web Site - Please ensure the contact details of all staff members in charge of sports teams and venue address's and post codes of your home sports venues are up to date on the web site. If there is a new member of staff or a venue change, please email fesportkent@gmail.com
  7. A Qualified independent Referee is required to officiate all KCSSA League matches.
  8. All teams participating in the KCSSA league must be affiliated with the Kent F.A and have a current valid player injury insurance. Teams in breach of this rule will not be allowed to play any matches until the affiliation has been confirmed by Kent FA. The points of the scheduled matches will be awarded to the opposition.
Updated: 10th October 2021


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